:November 2011

Office building 118 Požeška street

Poslovni objekat Požeška 118

Large settlements outside of Belgrade city – center, regardless of New Belgrade and its parts, are exclusively excluded from architecture which should be significant from every point of view. The reason for this could be found in insufficient location’s price or scarce attractiveness to investors.

ECO housing

ECO housing

A building Su+P+4 has been presented as an assembly of the housing and energy unit. Housing unit in its own shape contains office spaces located on the ground floor and 14 flats spreading on four flours. The energy unit is intelligent and self-sustainable functional unit, separately composed and designed, even though it represents physically inseparable entity of the housing building.



How to create a „parasite“architecture intervention made on buildings be more quality architecture? That is probably one of the greatest challenges imposed on architects, especially in Belgrade in the past two decades. Extension of old buildings in Belgrade represents a most frequent type of architectural interventions, and therefore, the biggest chance for architects to make the city different in a positive sense.

3GATTI.COM Architecture Studio


An Italian architect in Rome and Shanghai on a path towards the future. Francesco Gatti, is a young, unusual and original architect, by faith contacted by Facebook, a brief interview on a coffee in Rome, to get to know him and write about him. A discrete person, sensitive and attentive, He tells a little about himself and his path, his journey and passions, “write what you want”.