:February 2012

On Esma Sultan Palance and Autopia, Gokhan AVCIOGLU – INGLASS 2012

Gokhan Avcioglu

The latest glass representations of Istanbul will be presented at Bucharest on 23rd of April by Gokhan AVCIOGLU – special guest at INGLASS 2012.

Meeting of design students – Meds Istanbul 2011


MEDS is organised each year in different country with the aim to spread the organisation’s ideas and influence all over Europe. The second MEDS event was held at the beginning of August 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey. This year the theme of the workshops was the juxtaposition of the continents of Europe and Asia within Istanbul city centre about the constant positive reactions.

Romanian Convention of Architecture and Design (ROCAD)


The University of Architecture and Urbanism „Ion Mincu” of Bucharest celebrates this year its 120th anniversary in an ample event that is going to take place at Parliament Palace in Bucharest, on 16-18th May

Building B5

building B5

Designed as a “class A” certified structure (the equivalent of a LEED platinum – A Green Buildings highest rating), B5 is a parallelepiped volume, with a five story glass facade that wraps around the building, reminiscent of the image of a barcode.