:March 2012

Urban Editing – Architecture of Occurrence

Urbano Editiranje - Arhitektura Događaja

The inspiring and rich stratification of a city, formed by deposition and growth over time, is an important element in understanding and interpreting the moment in which the contemporary city and urban territory exist. Spatiotemporal sediments of a city and its architecture and rapid urban development in recent decades, firmly define the context of architects’ work. In addition to the original image of a city or a building that is designed and conceived through urban plans and projects, there is a current, realistic and stimulating image of the moment, which shapes the space for the different possibilities of operation and interpretation.

Revitalization of the Youth Centre in Split

Revitalizacija Doma mladih u Splitu

The concept of the project implies the reorganization of space and its usage. The existent, never completed, House of Socialist Youth, built in 1978, was conceived as a centrally organized theatre space with public and staff spaces strictly separated and with a large permanent ensemble area like in The Croatian National Theatre. Our project treats the building as an available space which is fragmented into several smaller areas for current culture events.

Temporary exhibition halls project

Projekt privremenih izložbenih dvorana

We used this extraordinary present state of affairs, its strangeness and its appealing force to realize an exhibition space within its frozen site. Project of “Temporary exhibition halls” is really just a big cleaning of the site: pipes, tubes, scaffolding, capes, boards, nets etc. occupy new positions and create new forms.



Organising the Hartera festival in 2009 included the implementation of accommodation capacities for the guests within the space of the old paper factory. The original intention of the organizers was to find the space for a camp with 100 tents for the increasing number of visitors coming from outside the city of Rijeka. The suitable area was found, not on a meadow or in the woods, but in the beautiful factory hall where, after hundreds of hours of work, Hartera Hotel was created out of various recycled materials found at the site, bulky waste and deluge driftwood.