:April 2012



The Jury decided to award the first prize to Dimitrije Bugarski. In addition to the winning project, here we present other awarded projects. The detailed report of the jury will be released soon and we will announce all the projects that will be presented at the exhibition “The 2nd Annual Arhitekton Magazine Award” which will be held from 17-19 May in Belgrade, in the Museum of King Peter I, 40 Vese Pelagića street, Senjak.

My architecture is better than your architecture

Moja arhitektura je bolja od tvoje

What would cities look like if there were no differences in the attitudes about architecture and generally art? Generational and temporal differences in ideas certainly contributed to the development of art. Competitions of ideas and also the competing vanities of artists, almost without exceptions, brought something good.

The magazine “Arhitekton” rewards its subscribers with a decorative lamp!

Enlighten yourself

All subscribers and future readers who subscribe up to the 1st of May, can become winners of the prize that will be awarded at the exhibition “The 2nd Annual Magazine Award”. The drawing of the winner of the lamp will be held on May 18, 2012, during the exhibition where the winning projects and other selected projects of the Architecture pavilion competition, will be presented.



The organic tree-like structure of the sculptural roof is easily recognizable from a great distance. 1000 square meters of roof surface extend at one point up to a height of 14 meters, zoning in the square, with translucent air cushions filling out the construction and providing office workers and hotel guests refuge from the rain.