Architecture Pavilion Competition – JURY REPORT

Rezultati konkursa za PAVILJON ARHITEKTURE - Obrazloženje žirija

The Jury decided to award the first prize to architect Dimitrije Bugarski. Considering that the competition terms and conditions accentuated the use of panels – Kingspan panels, the solutions that have other architectural values – not required by the competition brief, were not equally assessed. The jury members considered several high-quality solutions but they could not overlook the critical role of the Kingspan company requirements and only the projects that met the terms of the competition were highly evaluated.
Taking in consideration the large number of entries, the jury was compelled to classify the projects by categories that were created in order to correctly evaluate the projects: the composition of the Pavilion generated by multiplication of the elements; cubic shape; polygonal structure; organic form and simplified form of the Pavilion.
The winning project gained the majority of jury votes – it met the crucial criteria: meeting the terms and conditions of the competition brief; feasibility; building costs; usability; and the aesthetic of form.

Out of 291 projects in total, 142 are from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, 25 are from Hungary, 34 are from South America, and the rest of them are from 20 other countries.

We invite you to visit the exhibition “The 2nd Annual Arhitekton Magazine Award” which will be held from 17-19 May in Belgrade, in the Museum of King Peter I, 40 Vese Pelagića street, Senjak. In addition to the winning projects, visitors can see all other projects and they can appraise the winning and exhibited works.

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