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Meeting of design students – Meds Istanbul 2011


MEDS is organised each year in different country with the aim to spread the organisation’s ideas and influence all over Europe. The second MEDS event was held at the beginning of August 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey. This year the theme of the workshops was the juxtaposition of the continents of Europe and Asia within Istanbul city centre about the constant positive reactions.

Building B5

building B5

Designed as a “class A” certified structure (the equivalent of a LEED platinum – A Green Buildings highest rating), B5 is a parallelepiped volume, with a five story glass facade that wraps around the building, reminiscent of the image of a barcode.

Headquarters and production complex – PRATIC


The inauguration for the new headquarters and production complex of Pratic,a company specialized in the manufacture of curtain systems, has recently takenplace in Fagagna a town located in the province of Udine. The complex placed adjacent to the provincial highway that leads from Udine to Spilimbergo, was designed and built by GEZA (architects Stefano Gri and Piero Zucchi).

Thinking of architecture and ecology

Cité de l’Océan et du Surf

Steven Holl’s Museum Cité de l’Océan et du Surf uses unobtrusively visualised dictionary – white, transparent, in movement to conjure up its purpose and, on the other hand, to achieve a harmonious relationship with the natural environment. The choice of architectural resources is a result of parallel thinking – artistic and naturalistic.