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On September 26th, the space of Nova Iskra hosted a special program in collaboration with one of the world’s largest manufacturers of interior glass.



Artlands program towards new forms of constructing the territory, is developed around the activities of Carlo Scoccianti, biologist, expert and WWF specialist involved in works to alter the landscape stemming from unprecedented technical and environmental expertise and who, since 1996, has dedicated himself to the creation of a new lease of life for some areas of the Florentine plane.

International Competition – Second Magazine Arhitekton Award

Međunarodni konkurs - Druga nagrada časopisa Arhitekton

Architecture Pavilion Competition. 290 submissions. 455 architects and architect teams from around the world applied to the competition – 765 architects in total. According to these data and the data we collected from our web site it is estimated that about 1650 architects participated in this competition (part of them did not send their works). These numbers show that architects are always willing to participate in projects that celebrate architecture. Thank you all.

Exhibition “The 2nd Annual Magazine Arhitekton Award”

Izložba „Druga nagrada časopisa Arhitekton“

After successful completion of the international competition for the preliminary design of the Architecture Pavilion, organized by Magazine Arhitekton, a three-day exhibition of the entries was held in the Museum of King Peter I in Belgrade.