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Green Pavilion / Restaurant


The most important element and the inspiration for this project is the location itself, with extremely high quality existing vegetation densely distributed throughout the plot and gradually diluted out toward the eastern edge. The idea of the new Pavilion / Restaurant is to construct a space by mapping the area of high quality trees and to define the remaining territory for construction.

Urban Reef

Urban Reef

The Urban Reef is a system inspired by its natural aquatic counterpart, which creates a diverse and sustainable social and economic environment; It produces food and energy and processes waste, always feeding back into itself and the city. In a time where the idea of ‘Peak Oil = Peak Food’ is becoming reality, it’s imperative that societies rethink the relationships of production and consumption, especially regarding our food cycle.



As a new development territory, the Third Belgrade is not only a new spatial determinant but also a social context which is becoming more defined by the liberal market economic model, where the role of the State is reduced and is of secondary importance.The instability of the socio-economic system of this new development territory is expressed through its continuous optimization and correction and its exposure and sensitivity to global changes.It brings with it great challenges that are clearly visible, particularly in the spatial development of cities in Serbia, but also in other parts of the world.