In many ways this project shares the logic of a Russian matryoshka doll. Not only in the most literal, physical sense, in which one thing is directly incorporated into another, but also in a temporal sense, in which one actually originates within the other. The initial circumstances of this project established a favorable backdrop for this condition: AN EMERGENCY PROJECT. THE RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY MADRID 2011

Viscous Affiliation – New Foyer and Adaption of the Building Academy

Viskozna povezanost - Novi foaje i adaptacija zgrade Građevinske akademije

The three-dimensional pattern was generated in a simulation of fluids based on particle flows. Liquids have three essential parameters: viscosity, density and surface tension. The interactions between these three physical properties have been tested on the computer in a series of variations to generate a pattern with a big amount of holes and a high level of coherence.

Tenerife School of Scenic Arts

Tenerife School of Scenic Arts

The interior patio, generated by three-dimensional folding of the wooden surface of the roof, is defined as an inclined surface, which adapts to the slight slope of the land, and conceived of as a “scenic box”, that affirms itself as the buildings geographical as well as social reference point.

Town Library in Maranello, Italy

The new Town Library in Maranello

Situated within a residential area, the library takes the place of a pre-existing building whose traces can still be found – the northern, eastern and southern exterior walls. These walls are covered with ivy, which along with the reflecting pools at the foot of the glazed perimeter make up the new natural horizons that are offered to the readers and patrons of the library.