Auditorijum Sant Francesc Sant Francesc Auditorium

Sant Francesc Auditorium

The Sant Francesc convent, located in the small Catalan town of Santpedor, was built in the early 18th century by Franciscan priests. In 1835 the convent was sacked. Thereafter began the process of progressive deterioration of the building that ended with its demolition in 2000. Only the church remained standing, but in a completely ruinous state. The project was aimed to convert the church into an auditorium and a multifunctional cultural facility.



This competition was a 48hours architecture marathon, where we were supposed to design a new concept of space for funeral ceremony for all religions. The shape raises from the ground to define the street in an attempt to control the permanent link between the introspective forested area and the existing graveyard space annex. Thus a new block is given to the city with a space for reflection, providing an environment not exposed directly to the public.

Kapela u KrašnjiFarewell Chapel

Kapela u Krašnji

A farewell chapel is located in a village close to Ljubljana. The site plot is next to the existing graveyard. The chapel is cut into the rising landscape. The shape is following the lines of the landscape trajectories around the graveyard. Three curved walls are embracing and dividing the programs. External curve is dividing the surrounding hill from chapel plateau and also reinstates main supporting wall.