Arhitekton Editorial Board published the first issue of the magazine in October 2009. The main motive was the idea of uniting the architecture scene of the former Yugoslavia. After twelve numbers have been issued and regional competition and exhibition “1st Magazine Arhitekton Award” organized Arhitekton continues to strive to achieve and improve the regional collaboration and to contribute to the development of architecture. While working on these ideas, cooperation with Croatian architectural scene led to forming the “European architect” group which has representative offices both in Belgrade and Zagreb.

Arhitekton contributors and writers are eminent personalities in the field of architecture. Foreign experts listed Magazine Arhitekton among the top 30 architecture magazines. Arhitekton magazine is media sponsor to all important events related to the promotion of architecture, such as: World Festival of Architecture in Barcelona, Biennale in Venice, World Architect Masters, Zepelin Festival as well as a series of the events in Serbia among which the most important is Belgrade design week-BDW, BLOK conference and Belgrade International Week of Architecture-BINA.

Once a year Magazine Arhitekton organizes the international competition called “Magazine Arhitekton Award” followed by exhibition of winning and other selected project and the public appraisal of architecture.

New unique architectural web portal was created by “European architect” group in January 2012. The web site is a supplement to the print edition and it provides quality information to architects and their associates.

A comprehensive presentation of architectural and other content allows readers to finally link architecture to an author and form a realistic and high quality criticism which is essential for architecture in the region.