1st annual award/2011

On March 25th there was the opening of the 1st annual Award of Arhitekton magazine, at the recently refurbished Museum of King Peter the 1st Karadjordjevic. After the opening day, the public could also enjoy spectacular works of young architects during the exhibition, until March 31. There were exhibited in total 30 out of 61 submitted works for the competition.

The panel comprised Professor of the Belgrade Architecture School, Mr. Miodrag Mirkovia, Head of the Savski Venac city municipality, architect Mr. Tomislav ?or?evia, representative of the magazine „Arhitekton“, architect Mr. Milan Raškovia and editor`n`chief, architect Mr. Marko Stojeia.

Three prizes have been awarded, and the voting was as follows:

-The first prize went to a young team from Niš (Milan Stevanovia, Sr?an Sakan, Petar Pejia, Vojislav Nikolia and Stefan Živkovia), for the projects designed during their studies, a residential building „Living Box“.

-The second prize was awarded to the ACID team, for their project arty gallery in Maribor.

-The third prize went to Senka Šepia from Osijek, for the design of a standardized kindergarten.

The winning work advocates for a highly advanced, yet realistic approach to the demands of contemporary life. That, coupled with a fact that the authors are very young, was a decisive moment to distinguish their work from the others`. Along with the high quality of their work, the panel was also motivated by a fact that young authors at their age do need a solid incentive. The team was awarded 100 000,00 dinars, free two-year subscription for the magazine, publishing and public promotion of the awarded project and possibility to publish two more projects in the following two years.

The second and the third prize got free one-year magazine subscription, publishing of the awarded work, public promotion of the work and possibility to publish one more project in the following year.

The exhibition itself was a unique opportunity to present both well-known architects as well as young, not that known, and give them a chance to promote their projects. Such approach led the panel to a final decision, awarding the first prize to the youngest competitors, students of not very known Architectural School from Niš.

This idea has been whole- heartedly supported by the Belgrade city municipality, Savski Venac, the Serbian Chamber of Engineers along with variety of companies, leaders in their respective fields, posing a good example to be followed by the Serbian architects.

Major benefactor of our exhibition and the award was copmany „Kingspan“. Other supporters were companies „Eglo“, „Ytong“, „Sika“, „Zumtobel“, „Wienerberger“, „Alpod flooring“, „Thyssen Krupp“, „Alubond“ and „Tomcat`s Wine Cellar“.