About magazine

Journal ARHITEKTON is the regional architectural magazine. The primal idea of founding it was to re unify the space of Balkans regarding the architectural and business area. The content of the each issue is edited according to the current projects occurred within the region of Europe.

Arhitekton is intended for the people which are professionally engaged in architecture or referred to it by their business orientation operations. Students or professionals are now able to find out information, both in English and Serbian language, in the field of architecture. Apart from this, the magazine presents topics dealing with real and a bit forgotten professional values, without which architectural activities could not exist in the past. Ecological construction related topics are published in terms of their understanding in ecologically developed countries as well as the topics influencing raise of the ecological culture awareness level.
We provide information of the most important domestic and international architectural exhibitions, competitions and other important events. Our intention is to inform the professional public about all significant information about domestic institutions with architectural work relation.
Magazine is published four times a year with a circulation of 5,000 copies. From issue 09 it is available at major retail stores in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Czech republic, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Macedonia.
It is sold at a price of 11,80 EUR.

Magazine is delivered free of charge to eminent institutions, associations and persons from the field of architecture and engineering in the region. The magazine is sold also through bookshops and subscription.
Catalogization: National Library of Serbia / Narodna biblioteka Srbije ISSN 1821-2476=Arhitekton
COBISS.SR-ID 169237004

Target group of readers: architects and engineers
Marketing target group: companies dealing in sales and/or production of construction material and other product in the sphere of interest and need to architects and engineers

Publisher: European architect doo, Beograd
Print: AMD sistem, Beograd
Editor in Chief: Arch. Marko Stojčić