Viskozna povezanost – Novi foaje i adaptacija zgrade Građevinske akademijeViscous Affiliation – New Foyer and Adaption of the Building Academy

Viskozna povezanost - Novi foaje i adaptacija zgrade Građevinske akademije

The three-dimensional pattern was generated in a simulation of fluids based on particle flows. Liquids have three essential parameters: viscosity, density and surface tension. The interactions between these three physical properties have been tested on the computer in a series of variations to generate a pattern with a big amount of holes and a high level of coherence.

Sedište kompanije Microsoft u Beču/INNOCADVienna Microsoft Headquarters/INNOCAD

Vienna Microsoft Headquarters/INNOCAD

You have to know how your employees work and what they want in order to create the ideal constellation of physical, social and virtual work environments for them. This is exactly why Microsoft has conducted several studies on this topic in recent years. The result is the Work Place Advantage Concept, which analyses the employee structure of every branch office on the basis of five categories, from the Resident (fixed workstation, always in the office) to the Nomad (hardly ever in the office), and uses this information to create a custom-tailored interior programme.

Proširenje potkrovljaLoft Renovation

Loft Renovation

Rarely do architects in Vienna, Austria get the opportunity that Lakonis Architekten did with the renovation of the top floors of this historic building. They were able to build a modern loft space in an original building without compromising the historical aspects of what the location brings. At first glance you see a classic four-story corner building; then looking up you spot a modern roof structure that is made of steel, wood, and concrete.



For this reason we have been working for some time with dynamic façades that can be adapted to changing conditions and individual needs.These systems can also be controlled and optimised using computer programs when the room is empty.